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Commercial Roof Repairs

Roof Light Replacement – Mansfield

Roof skylights are often referred to as rooflights and their sole purpose is to allow daylight to shine through a roof and into a building, this is designed to save costs in lighting and to make your premises more energy efficient. Over time rooflights can discolour, warp and break. Unfortunately, rooflights are also often the most fragile part of a roof surface and can be dangerous if accessed by somebody that hasn’t been sufficiently trained in roof work.

Lincoln - Industrial Roof light replacement

At JJC CONTRACTORS Ltd, we can supply and install new rooflights to match the existing roof profile as well as refurbish, repair and replace any skylights. This service includes working on asbestos roofs which often have skylights that have become severely discoloured or fragile over time and are no longer efficient.

Rooflight replacement can dramatically improve the natural lighting into your building and improve conditions for staff or customers as well as becoming more energy efficient.

It is also now possible to install step safe rooflights to reduce risk and increase safety for anyone accessing your roof to carry out maintenance activities or repairs.



This is sometimes a far less intrusive alternative to a full strip and re-roof.
Overcladding of an asbestos roof is often a more cost-effective roof refurbishment process that will minimise any disruption at site while greatly improving the lifespan of the premises. 

Lincoln roof overcladding

An overclad is possible where the existing roof structure is in sufficient condition to carry the new system. It involves installing a new profiled metal sheet over the top of the existing roof area with insulation and a support bars installed between. This in turn can enhance the thermal performance of the existing building as well as aesthetically improving the look of your premises to any passing trade. With hundreds of profile options available for the outer face each client can tailor the appearance of the building at the design stage. 

The over-cladding process reduces the project value by removing disposal costs of the existing asbestos roof sheeting that would need to be sent to licensed landfill. The internal rooflights can be renewed within the roofing scheme to compliment the new external rooflights and maximise any natural daylight inside the building. Many existing asbestos roofs currently have troublesome Georgian wire skylights or northlights which can also be removed as part of an overclad system.


Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut edge corrosion is a common issue that occurs at the edges of metal sheets, typically starting as edge peel. This corrosion is primarily caused by normal weathering, particularly at overlaps and eaves, and is accelerated by the presence of capillary water in the lap. It is especially prevalent in pre-finished manufactured roof sheets that are cut to fit specific buildings or projects. When cut edge corrosion occurs, it can lead to the delamination of the sheet coating, allowing corrosion to set in.

Lincoln roofing cut edge corrosion

Addressing cut edge corrosion is crucial to prevent extensive damage and costly roof sheet replacements in the future. Detecting this issue early through planned maintenance, surveys, or reactive visits, and effectively treating it, can help mitigate the risk of further damage. This type of corrosion is often included in dilapidation reports when returning premises to a landlord.

In cases where sheets are damaged due to foot traffic or poor installation, there is a possibility of ingress through capillary reaction at the roof sheet lap. However, if identified early, there are various sheet lap systems available that can effectively treat this issue and prevent ongoing ingress.

At JJC Contractors, we are well-versed in a wide range of systems and have the expertise to recommend the appropriate solution based on the specific circumstances of each site or client. Many of the systems we provide come with a guarantee of 10 years or more.


Gutter Cleaning, Repair or Replacement

Utilising a liquid rubber system – In most cases OLD VALLEYS don’t have to be replaced. If the valley is in good overall condition we can overlay the valley with a liquid rubber system :

Lincoln, roof valley repair

Clean the area and remove dirt

Treat rust with rust converter if working on a metal valley

Tape and seal the joints with part of the system

Prime the area

Apply the  liquid rubber system

Fast and cost-effective solution that is guaranteed to last


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